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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, if would like to have  further information or if you want to make a reservation! This can be done by phone, chat or email. 

210 Chemin du Grès

30200, Saint Michel d'Euzet


Anne can be reached on:

+31 6 1716 5242

+33 7 4988 5863 

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What is the location Le Mas Saint-Michel d'Euzet?

Le Mas Saint-Michel d'Euzet is located in the south of France in the department "le Gard". There are many attractions nearby and the climate allows for outdoor living for a large part of the year.

It is easily accessible by car: from the "route du soleil" (A7 towards Marseille) it will take you approximately 25 minutes to get to us. By plane (to Montpellier, Lyon or Marseille) or by TGV (Avignon, then train to Bagnols-sur-Cèze) is also possible.

Travel directions

The address is 210 chemin du grès in Saint Michel d'Euzet and it can be found on (almost) all GPS systems.

Take the "Route du soleil" south and on the A7 towards Marseille, take exit 19 (Pont Saint Esprit), towards Pont Saint Esprit. Follow Bagnols-sur-Cèze to avoid driving on narrow, winding mountain roads via Pont Saint Esprit;

Just after entering Bagnols sur Cèze, at the roundabout with the McDonalds turn right towards Barjac. After about 5 km (just after Cave de vin S'Armand) left onto the Chemin du Grès. You can ignore the sign which says that you're not allowed to enter ;-) After about 350m to the right, then to the left, right, left and then right into the driveway. The parking is situated directly on the left in the parking lot. 

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