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About Us

During a intense life with two demanding full-time jobs, two little girls, a daily sports routine and a calendar that was already fully booked months in advance, we realized that we would like to lead a different type of life. More time for our girls, more time for each other, less planning, more outdoors, more physical activity, more adventure... The idea to start the adventure in France arose during a holiday. With our busy daily life, when we went on holiday we were looking for comfort, relaxation and above all a wonderful time together. But as true sports enthusiasts, we also liked to continue training during a holiday. The luxury small-scale holiday resorts that we liked to visit for that relaxing holiday with our small children, never actually provided the sports facilities. Of course the running shoes and the mountain bike came along, but "real" swimming or "real" training was often impossible. So why not set up something based on the idea to combine the two elements? A luxurious small-scale holiday concept aimed at young families who want to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing holiday, with the possibility to stay active.

After further exploration of this idea and an extensive search, our adventure started at the end of 2020: We left with our girls to the south of France, moved into a beautiful 18th century "Mas" and started developing our holiday paradise :) Moving from having busy office jobs to full time renovating was a big switch and certainly didn't mean less hard work. But... more outside, more physically active, more adventure and definitely more time for our girls & each other!  We have not regretted it for a second :)

We look forward to welcoming you as our guest at Le Mas Saint-Michel d'Euzet and hope that you will enjoy this beautiful place as much as we do every day!


This is us

Robert (43): Head of renovation & technology, can be found daily in the CrossFit box or swimming pool, music lover and takes care of the numbers;  

Anne (44): Mastermind garden, master cook and enjoys the Burgundian lifestyle; chief furnishing & design, sporty spice, socially involved; 

Liv (10): sweet & caring, creative and artist-to-be, ballerina, very sociable, true bookworm, nature lover;

Robyn (7): cheerful joker, loves to create a huge mess (and hates to clean...), champion of cannonballs in the pool, animal lover, loves to cuddle, go-kart racing monster. 

Roos & Toos

These are Roos & Toos! Roos (on the right) and Toos (on the left) are sisters and are also known as the worst guard dogs in France. They basically like everyone and they love to be cuddled a lot. They are border collies who love to run and play, but above all they prefer to roll through the mud like two little piggies:)

Roos and Toos have a large dog run that they go in during the day when we have guests who find dogs a bit exciting or who are not used to them. 


Le Mas

The building already has a rich history, of which unfortunately we only know a small part.

By popular request, we have added a page with some old photos and photos of the renovation.

Click here for the page

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