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The history of Le Mas de Saint Michel d'Euzet

The building has a long history, of which unfortunately we only know a small part. Someday... when we have finished renovating and have a bit more time, we will try to find more information through the land registry and other sources.

The property was originally built in the 18th century and has been gradually expanded. For years it had an agricultural purpose, mainly processing corn and other types of food. Later the emphasis shifted to wine production. Some of the barrels used, both wooden and concrete, are still present in the building.


2008 - 2020

For several generations, the building has been owned by a wealthy family from the region and was managed and occupied by contractors. When the production and sale of wine started to become less profitable, the property was sold in 2010 to a wealthy entrepreneur from Paris.

This person initiatedan impressive transformation of the building. Part of the building has been demolished, part of the roof has been replaced and new openings for windows and doors have been created. All the gray-gray plasterwork on the outside has been removed, after which the walls have been repointed. This gave the building a completely different look. Subsequently, the south wing was completely renovated on the inside (gîte Magnolia and our house).

Photos of the initial transformation

Unfortunately, this visionary from Paris had to halt the project in 2012 due to personal circumstances. The roof of the north wing had now been replaced, but window frames, water, electricity and the floor on the ground floor were still completely missing. After this, the property was for sale for more than 7 years, during which time the site became completely overgrown with weeds.


2021 - present

In December 2020 we became the happy owners of this beautiful farm. We started working on completing the renovation in good spirits. We combined the original plans with our own insights and ideas.


After a number of years of hard work, we have completed the renovation of the gites and the garden.

Below are a number of photos of the condition we found the building in and of the renovation.

Photos of our renovation

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